The Lanvernite Succession

Assault on Mossacre Glen

As you approached the two-story house, you noticed that the windows were all covered with burlap canvas like that used in the Spawn tents. The house was set against a hill and fronted by a large porch. The double front door, long since rotted away, was just a flap of canvas.

Max and Elros rushed up the steps and burst through the front door, surprising four greenspawn sneaks in the two front rooms. Arkon rushed in and took up a position toward the back of the house. Although he was safe from the sneaks there, he was stabbed from behind by an invisible attacker. It was a blackspawn exterminator, and it immediately turned invisible again. Suelfred retaliated with a glitterdust spell, while Max and Elros quickly felled the sneaks and turned their attention to the exterminator.

Badly wounded, Arkon fled out the front door; the exterminator tumbled after him, pausing to reapply poison to his weapon for what he hoped would be the killing blow. But seeing that Max and Elros were after him, he used his breath weapon and leaped off the side of the porch. Max chased him, and Arkon summoned a unicorn, but the exterminator was too fast. He fled into the woods.

You examined the house, and found a few items of value. There were some papers related to the Spawn’s mission, but you did not attempt to decipher them. You also found a large vault door with a combination lock. You entered the combination you found in Mortimer Greycastle’s papers, and the door opened.

You entered a long, dark, smooth walled tunnel into the side of the hill. You followed it for a hundred and fifty feet, where it ended in a wide door. Max stepped forward.

He opened the door to reveal a long room—a long-disused potion-brewing laboratory. He also awakened the lab’s long-slumbering guardian, a twenty-foot long brass serpent. It struck like a flash, biting Max and shocking him with a charge of lightning, then grabbing and constricting him, dropping him unconscious on the floor.

Arkon immediately created a fog cloud, while Elros stepped forward to get the great snake’s attention. Arkon started summoning a wolf while Suelfred turned invisible and started healing Max. Elros dodged some of the snake’s strikes, and, through judicious use of fighting stances, managed to avoid being grappled when the snake bit him.

As you fought back, the snake started retreating, using its longer reach to keep the party at bay. At last, beset by enemies on all sides, it made a mistake, grappling and constricting Arkon’s summoned wolf. Unable to dodge Elros’ sword with the wolf in its coils, the serpent was finally defeated.

Lysandra Cooper’s potion laboratory was unfortunately ruined by the ravages of time, but in a secret chamber you found the second of the portal keys and a cache of platinum.



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