The Lanvernite Succession

Coppersmith Attacks

Armed with the location of Greycastle Redoubt and Mossacre Glen, you packed up to leave Lamberhurst. As you were departing, one of the sending tablets activated; it was a message from Roland, telling you that he received a report from Infinium. Roland was glad that you were making progress; he would send Infinium to check in with you again soon.

You decided to avoid the Royal Road, due to the frequent security patrols. Instead, you took a small farm track to the southwest, toward Essington. But after an hour’s travel, you came across a roadblock: eighteen skeletons commanded by a half-orc. Max recognized him immediately: Raktooth, an evil cleric of the Iron Guard, John Coppersmith’s right-hand man.

“Stop and surrender!” shouted Raktooth as his skeletons raised their swords. Ignoring his words, Max and Elros dismounted and attacked, quickly finding themselves surrounded by skeletons. Arkon began casting call lightning, but Raktooth struck back with a silence spell. Suelfred produced an obscuring mist for cover.

Nine zombies emerged from the woods, threatening the casters, and then ten Iron Guardsmen appeared, along with a mounted archer: John Coppersmith. Suelfred destroyed the zombies and most of the skeletons, while Razor raced around the melee to threaten Coppersmith. Attacked by Arkon’s flaming sphere, Raktooth took to the sky, then became invisible. Elros and Max mopped up the remaining skeletons and engaged the Iron Guardsmen.

Coppersmith sent a hail of arrows into the fray, and his men knew not to stand in the way. But they could not stand against Max’s armor and Elros’ sword; victory was at hand. Suddenly, everything went black. The Iron Guard melted into the woods, and Raktooth and Coppersmith vanished in a puff of vapor.



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