The Lanvernite Succession

Into Essington

You left the Oracle of Gneiss, heading deeper into the mountains, still pondering whether all this effort would be worth it. You’d decided to head for the Wall of Beyond, and that meant trekking through the heart of Essington.

You made it through the Elder Crags, encountering only a couple of annoyed hill giants, and journeyed ten days along farmland roads to Waterford, the current capital of Essington. After another hundred miles’ travel west, you reached the spot you were looking for: a lake, two miles wide, with an island in the middle.

The secluded setting was beautiful: tall grass, a gentle slope down to the shore, ducks, insects, reeds and fish, inviting blue water, and the thickly wooded island. But you knew that something was amiss, because the people you spoke with on your way here were frightened of the place. No one had been here in decades.

Suelfred sent his raven out to take a look at the island. The raven reported dense forest and a few white stone buildings, but no creatures. You decided to have a closer look for yourselves.

You worked for two days to build a raft big enough to carry you across the lake. Early in the morning, you dragged it down to the water and clambered aboard. The lake sparkled in the sun and the weather was pleasantly cool as you paddled across. But halfway to the island, you saw a large shadowy shape flash through the water below the raft. It disappeared as you nervously looked all around for clues as to what it was.

The elasmosaurus lunged straight up out of the water and bit savagely at Razor. You hacked at it with swords but it backed away, using its superior reach to attack you from range. Elros’ arrows did little to scare it away but Arkon’s lightning and a conjured shark eventually forced it back into the depths.

Weakened and somewhat shaken from the encounter, you landed on the island and began your search for the Wall of Beyond.



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