The Lanvernite Succession

Scythers and Soldiers

After pulling your raft onto the shore, you readied your equipment and walked into the thick forest of the island’s interior. The cool green darkness enveloped you; birds sang and insects buzzed. Ahead you saw the ruins of an ancient stone building, totally collapsed and completely overgrown. Skirting this, you saw another, and then far ahead, a clearing.

You approached the edge of the woods, studying an impressive building in the open space ahead. The floor of the building stood eight feet above ground level, and was surrounded by a belt of wide stone stairs. White marble pillars held up a rectangular arcade roof, which surrounded an open-air plaza. Rippled reflections indicated a sizeable pool of water in the plaza, but you couldn’t see the pool directly from your low vantage point. You emerged from the woods and started walking toward the building. Max took the lead.

You heard a mechanical whirring sound. An animated four-armed construct walked stiffly from between the pillars. It was armed with two scythes, and its eyes glowed red. It swiveled its head to the rear and made some strange chirping noises. Then it looked back at you and blasted a scorching ray of light from its eyes. The ray shot past Max’s shoulder, blackening a distant tree trunk.

Max raced to the top of the stairs and took shelter behind his tower shield, while Elros skirted to the other side of the row of pillars. Unable to target Max, the construct moved back inside the temple and fired another volley at Elros, who noticed two more of the scythers inside. He also saw a different type of construct, an armored soldier with three-bladed axes instead of hands.

The soldier moved forward to engage Max and Elros while Arkon and Suelfed pelted the constructs with spells. Two more soldiers emerged from a stairway. One spent a moment reconfiguring the armor plates on its legs, then sprinted toward you. The other immolated itself in orange flames before joining the battle.

The fight was not going well. The first soldier had reconfigured its armor plating, making it all but impervious to physical blows. The others were doing extraordinary amounts of damage, and the scythers’ rays seemed to be even more powerful than before. Suelfred managed to neutralize the scythers rays with an obscuring cloud of mist, but even with the construct forces cut in half, you were overmatched. You fell back, retreating from the mist cloud and heading back to the woods. The constructs did not follow.



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