The Lanvernite Succession

Stalking the Red Dragon

You left Lamberhurst and headed toward the Dragonspine, wondering how you’d track down a red dragon that wouldn’t roast you and eat you. You plunged through Spinewood Forest and when you emerged in the foothills, you started looking up. Sure enough, there were large predators flying overhead, but too far away to identify, much less fight.

You kept walking through the hills and into the mountains. You started noticing caves in the far-off cliffs. You began pausing on the crests, observing the skies for flying creatures and watching the caves for signs of activity. You saw griffons, rocs and hippogriffs, giant eagles and even a chimera. Finally, after two days of walking and watching, you noticed a dragon entering a cave. You couldn’t tell what kind, or how big it was, but you decided to find out more.

For a day, you walked through the mountains toward the cave, stopping for a few minutes each time the cave came into view. At last you saw it: a large red dragon emerged from the cave mouth and flew away.

You hiked a few more hours to a hiding spot 150 feet below the cave, and waited. Darkness fell, but still you watched, trying to determine whether the dragon was inside the cave or not.

Finally, at dawn, you heard a mighty whoosh of air as the dragon flapped away. As soon as it was gone you scrambled up the steep slope and into the cave. It was huge, and there was a giant pile of treasure in the back. Paydirt.

After scanning the hoard for usable items, you laid an ambush, scattering yourselves about the cave, carefully plotting the sequence of magic spells you’d cast when the dragon reappeared. Suelfred posted his raven outside to act as an early warning. Max was the bait. He hid in a small tunnel, scattering treasure all around him and jingling a pile of coins in his gauntlets.

After a few hours of waiting, the raven gave the signal. Suelfred and Arkon started casting spells as Elros and Max readied their weapons.

The dragon landed lightly at the threshold, dropping a bulging sack on the cave floor with a metallic clank. She sniffed the air and cocked her head, then started in alarm when she saw the coins Max had scattered. She crept toward his hiding spot. Max jingled his coins harder.

The dragon reached the tunnel entrance and sent a blast of fire blazing through it. Max was surrounded by flames but felt minimal effects due to the magical protection Arkon had given him. The rest of you pounced, hitting the dragon from behind with weapons and spells. The fight didn’t take long. Your preparations gave her no chance at all.

Leaving the silver and copper, you cleared about six thousand in coins, gems and jewels, plus a few scrolls, a ring and some magic weapons. Suelfred scooped out the dragon’s brains, saving them in the sage’s jar. You headed back to Lamberhurst.

The sage was glad to have the dragon brains, and as he had promised, he was full of information. He told you about the third of the Greycastle Sorcerers, Leaf Greenmountain, and he knew where Lysandra Cooper’s home was: in Humberstoke, in the remote jungles of the southwest peninsula. He also knew who made the Amulet of Kings, and why.

An ancient group of magical craftsmen, the Whitesmiths, had made the amulet for Nathan, king of Leftwich, for use in his struggle against Waverly, lord of Buckminster. But although the Whitesmiths delivered the amulet to Nathan, they refused to reveal the command word unless he paid double the already staggering price. When Nathan balked, the Whitesmiths revealed the existence of the amulet to Waverly, who attacked at once with overwhelming force. His armies shattered, his treasury empty, his secret weapon useless without the command word, Nathan sold the amulet as a trinket at the Southstead docks and accepted his fate.

You left the sage’s tent invigorated, intent on finding Greycastle Redoubt.



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