The Lanvernite Succession

The Fate of Jonas Fletcher

After a few days of rest, training and equipping, you headed from Hartborough to find Jonas Fletcher. You chartered a small vessel and headed to the rocky coast of Lanverness, where the cliffs of the Keystone Range drop into the Outer Sea.

After a few days at sea, you reached your destination, anchoring just offshore. Taking the ship’s boat, you rowed to shore, promising the captain that you’d return in five days.

A day of hiking through the mountains led you to Fletcher’s cabin, a one-room house at the crest of a low, grassy hill. No one seemed to be about, and the door was flapping in the breeze. You let yourselves in and were blasted by a wall of stench. Fletcher was lying dead on his bloody bed, decomposing.

You searched his house for clues about his fate. You found his journals, and discovered that he had been injured by an ettin, and seemed to have succumbed to the festering wound. Searching further, you recovered the papers for the Oaken Library, as well as a thin arcane spellbook, which contained a few cantrips and an unfamiliar spell called Astral Claymore.

After giving Fletcher a decent burial, you spent the night in his house before heading back toward the ship. But only a half-hour’s walk away, you encountered three ettins. They had killed Fletcher, but they were no match for you; two of them fell before the third fled into the woods.

You made it back to the ship safely, and sailed back to Silverwyn, making your way to the Oaken Library. Marlon Sunbranch greeted you there and listened to your tale. He was saddened to hear of Fletcher’s death, but grateful for the papers you brought back. In return, as promised, he gave you the results of his search for information on the Amulet of Kings.

According to the diary of a Newport archbishop, hundreds of years ago, the amulet was in the possession of the Greycastle Sorcerers, a group led by a powerful figure named Mortimer Greycastle. Although the Oaken Library had no further information about the amulet or the Greycastle Sorcerers, Sunbranch suggested that you seek out Bluestone Spire, an academy of magical lore located in North Sambria, for further research.

Disappointed with the meager information you uncovered, and daunted by the prospect of a long journey and difficult search to find Bluestone Spire, you decided to seek out the Oracle of Gneiss, in the Elder Crags of Warwickshire.



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