The Lanvernite Succession

The Sage of Deancroft

You left the temple of the Oracle of Gneiss, heading north toward Lanverness. You slipped over the border in a remote region near the Black Peaks, and made your way to Lamberhurst. Approaching the town, you hid your weapons and armor, and found accomodations on the outskirts.

The next day, you entered the Lamberhurst market square and found the tent of the Sage of Deancroft. The sage was an old man, with a wrinkled face, bulging red nose and wild grey hair. You asked him about the Greycastle Sorcerers.

“The Amulet of Kings is what you seek!” he said, as a mischievous smile crept along one side of his mouth. “Are you going to overthrow Bartleby Sax?”

He shook his head, pondering the ramifications of a group of men intending to do just that. “Well, no matter, but I’ll need brains. Red dragon brains! And they’d better be fresh! No information, until I get brains!”

He held out a jar filled with a clear liquid. You took it.



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