The Lanvernite Succession

The Wall of Beyond

After two days of licking your wounds, you returned to the columned temple on the island. This time you watched carefully from the treeline, noting the scythers’ patrol patterns. You readied your ambush.

A scyther emerged from the row of columns, and you pounced, taking it down swiftly and silently. Working quickly, you sprinted around the pool to ambush another scyther from behind. With the plaza secure, you turned your attention to the stairway.

The thirty-foot staircase led down into a space below the pool; there was a flickering light coming from within. You descended the stairs to discover a large space, lit by a flaming soldier construct. You fought it and two others, with much better results this time. Within a minute, you were standing alone in the large chamber.

There were four twenty-foot-tall sarcophagi against the walls, and a large circle on the floor at the far end of the room. Wary of animated temple defenders, you approached one of the sarcophagi and tried to open it. As you feared, it was occupied by a huge monster. But the other three sarcophagi also opened. Four giant force golems emerged from their slumber.

Calling on arcane energies, the golems emitted damaging bursts of force that knocked you down and swatted you back. Scrambling to your feet, you backed away toward the stairs. Magic did not seem to affect the golems, and they resisted physical damage as well. Unable to withstand the repeated force blasts, you fled.

The next day you returned to the site with a plan. The sarcophagi were closed, the golems presumably sleeping inside. You created clouds of mist over the farther sarcophagi, and then simultaneously sealed the nearer pair with Arcane Lock and Stone Shape. The other two golems awakened, but you took advantage of their momentary confusion to set up in battle order. When they emerged from the fog, you dispatched them with little trouble. With the two imprisoned golems still pounding on their coffin lids, you approached the circle at the end of the room.

Touching the circle caused it to vanish, revealing a twenty foot wide pit with a ring of stairs circling down inside it. At the bottom you discovered a round room decorated with an amazing, otherworldly, animated mural—the Wall of Beyond. You stared, transfixed, for ten, twenty, thirty minutes, until you felt the pictures touch your core being.

You left the island and journeyed back through Essington, toward the Elder Crags, to report your findings to the oracle. After two weeks of uneventful travel through fields and farms, towns and cities, over hills and rivers, with only a day’s hike left on your journey, a strange man suddenly appeared before you.

“I am Infinium,” he said. “And you are to be congratulated on your work for Roland. I find much potential in you. You see, life is a game, and almost everyone follows the rules. But not you. You bend the rules. You stretch them. There is no limit to what you can accomplish. Fight for Roland. I believe him to be worthy of your efforts. I am busy, but I will help you when I am able.” Then Infinium disappeared in a puff of vapor.

Puzzled by what just happened, you continued through the mountains until you reached the oracle’s temple. You stepped inside, and entered the circle.

“Ho ho!” said the snarky voice of the oracle. “At last, someone returns from the wall! And now, for your reward.”

The oracle went on at length. The four Greycastle Sorcerers had indeed held the Amulet of Kings at their base in central Dartmoor, but when they realized its power, they secured it somewhere far away, in a chamber locked under four keys. Then they disbanded, taking the keys to different corners of the Realm.

The oracle knew the names of only two of the sorcerers: Mortimer Greycastle and Lysandra Cooper. But she also knew where Greycastle had spent his final years: at Greycastle Redoubt, in the Darkspear Chain of southwestern Essington.

She reiterated the advice you received from the Oaken Library, that the Bluestone Spire was likely to have more information. And she gave another suggestion: seek out the Sage of Deancroft, in the southern Lanverness trading town of Lamberhurst.

You decided to investigate Greycastle Redoubt. But first, you would consult the Sage of Deancroft.



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