The Lanvernite Succession

Woden's Eve

As directed, you arrived at the outskirts of Smallway on Woden’s Eve. You grew strong during your solitary travels, more experienced, more deadly. You located the hidden spot mentioned in the sending tablet’s message. After careful surveillance, you waited until the moon was high, and dug. As promised, you found 1000 gold crowns. And shortly after midnight, you noticed a soft glow emanating from your knapsack. The sending tablet had been reactivated, and it said:

Queen’s Head Smallway, Woden’s Day Eventide: Suelfred Wymar, Jeremy Stone, Arkon Salt, Elros, Max Ironchest

Tomorrow would be a momentous day.

Your story begins....

At the time of Alfred’s death, you lived in Lanverness, as your family had for generations, prospering with the nation in what has since become known as the Great Age of Lanverness. That Age came to a sudden end with the death of Alfred and disappearance of Roland. Convinced of both foul play and Sax’s involvement in it, and fearful of the Iron Guard, you fled with your family to foreign lands.

Although content enough in your new home, you longed for Lanverness and ached for her release from oppression. Over the years you organized meetings of Lanvernite refugees; you wrote letters beseeching foreign support. Your anger at Sax and his minions grew, made only hotter by your own powerlessness.

Time went by, and you focused on your profession, finally achieving first level just weeks ago. Then everything changed. You discovered a strange item in your personal effects: a magical device that displays messages from an unknown sender. When you picked it up, the device read:

Greetings [name] of Lanverness, loyal subject of Exalted King Roland the First! May his name be ever blessed and may his dominion have no end!

It has been many long years since Sax’s treachery. And for many years, we have been in exile, forced from our homeland by the usurper’s foul reign. But the whisperers were right: Roland lives! The child king has been kept safe these long dark years, and now he is a man grown. A man soon to retake his kingdom!

Although he has but modest coin, Roland is rich with the power and love of his people. We, the Olive Council, serve him and aid his return to the throne. Roland needs you now! You must reenter Lanverness and prepare the way for him.

Postscripted are directions to a spot in Smallway, where you will find 1000 gold crowns. That payment, and this device, should convince you that Roland’s call is no hoax. This sending tablet is bound to you—only your hands may operate it. Roland ordered it created for you at great expense. We will use it to contact you from time to time, but know that doing so costs us dearly for every word. Take heed what you read! For safety’s sake, the missives vanish as you peruse them.

Away thee to Smallway, and be ye there by Woden’s Day, but beware! Sax’s agents abound! Keep safe our secrets.

For Roland!

Could it be true? The news was overwhelming. After all this time, Roland lives!

It took all of your willpower not to tell anyone. Quietly settling your affairs, you made your way toward Smallway. Following the directions in the message, you avoided the border checkpoints, hiking through the mountains, trying to stay out of sight. You did some fighting along the way, defeating thieves, thugs and more than a few beasts. There was also time for reflection. Was Roland really alive? Could this all be an elaborate ruse? Could Sax’s operatives be behind it? But you shrugged off your doubts, for now, and pushed on to Smallway.

The Lanvernite Succession

The campaign is set in the Realm of Twelve Nations and concerns events in the Monarchy of Lanverness.

Fifteen years ago, Alfred, the King of Lanverness, died suddenly. His grand vizier Bartleby Sax was declared regent, as Alfred’s infant son Roland was too young to assume the throne. But two weeks after Alfred’s death, Roland was kidnapped, never to be seen again. Sax found eighteen of Alfred’s former counselors guilty of the crime, and had them hanged.

After five centuries of peaceful transfer of power, Lanverness found herself with no clear successor to the throne. Sax seized executive power and declared martial law, using the Iron Guard, a newly-created mercenary unit, to enforce his dictates.

In the ensuing years, Sax initiated armed conflicts with a string of adversaries, large and small. To pay his conscripts, he instituted heavy new taxes, which reduced commercial activity, employment, and living standards. He trampled public liberties, rounding up dissenters and trying them in kangaroo courts. Sax forbade the bearing of arms in public without a license, and gave the Iron Guard control of all combat and magic academies. Sax himself lived in luxury but also in paranoia, employing numerous decoys while moving constantly among the string of new palaces he constructed across Lanverness.


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