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  • Alfred

    Alfred was the king of [[Lanverness]] until fifteen years ago. He was a good king whose 35-year reign was largely peaceful and prosperous. His sudden death, with only an [[Roland|infant son]] as heir, led to the regency of [[Bartleby Sax]].

  • Bartleby Sax

    Authoritarian ruler of [[Lanverness]], Bartleby Sax heads an autocratic regime backed by the power of the [[Iron Guard]]. Sax took power fifteen years ago when [[Alfred|King Alfred]] died suddenly. Legally, Sax is [[regent]] of Lanverness, a caretaker …

  • Roland

    Son of [[Alfred]], Prince Roland was kidnapped as an infant shortly after his father's death, and never seen again. According to [[James Rathbone]], the [[Olive Council]] secretly arranged to have Roland taken to safety in a foreign land. Although [[ …

  • Jeremy Stone

    Jeremy Stone was to be the fifth member of the party, but he never showed up at the [[Queen's Head]].

  • James Rathbone

    James Rathbone lived in [[Crystal Falls]], above the town at the end of Oak Hollow Lane. Rathbone was an old seer, a [[Roland]] partisan who survived the coup, but who had been waiting many long years for the code phrase “Athena arrives”. Rathbone …

  • John Coppersmith

    John Coppersmith is a captain in the [[Iron Guard]]. He heads a [[Loyalty Company]], which investigates and punishes suspected traitors. He's a foreigner (from [[Crosley]], [[Essington]]), human, 32 years old. He's been in the Iron Guard for five years …

  • Raktooth

    Raktooth is a half-orc cleric in the [[Iron Guard]], [[John Coppersmith]]'s right-hand man.

  • Desiree Hampton Salt

    Wife of Baron [[Blacyn Salt]]; mother of [[Arkon Salt]]. Originally from [[Blackroot]], [[Essington]].

  • Blacyn Salt

    Baron Blacyn Salt is the current holder of the Salt Barony, husband of [[Desiree Hampton Salt]] and father of [[Arkon Salt]]. The Salt family lived for generations at [[Salthold]], in central [[Lanverness]]. Although the family's fortunes had been in …

  • Jason Wright

    Jason Wright is an anti-[[Bartleby Sax|Sax]] agitator. He normally operates outside of [[Lanverness]], and he moves constantly to avoid Sax's assassins. He is [[Elros|Elros's]] uncle, and he helped convince [[Max Ironchest]] to leave the [[Iron Guard]] …

  • Wolfswold Chimera

    The Wolfswold Chimera lives in the [[Wolfswold Mountains]], and is causing trouble for the elves of [[Moon Forest]].

  • Jonas Fletcher

    Jonas Fletcher was a translator for the [[Oaken Library]]. He lived in a [[hermit cabin|cabin]] in the [[Keystone Range]], in northeastern [[Lanverness]], until he was killed by ettins. He had been protecting himself and his house with a magical ward …

  • Rusur Blaen

    Rusur Blaen was [[Arkon Salt]]'s mentor. He disappeared shortly after [[Roland]] was kidnapped, and has not been seen since.

  • Razor

    Razor is [[Arkon Salt]]'s pet fleshraker.

  • Infinium

    Infinium is a strange looking man who appeared before the PCs as they were walking in the [[Elder Crags]]. He mentioned [[Roland]] and expressed a desire to help the PCs, in whom he saw great potential. Then he vanished in a puff of vapor.

  • Sage of Deancroft

    The Sage of Deancroft is a fortune teller who lives in [[Lamberhurst]], [[Lanverness]]. He gave the PCs some information about the [[Amulet of Kings]] and the [[Greycastle Sorcerers]], after they brought him some fresh red dragon brains.

  • Mortimer Greycastle

    Leader of the [[Greycastle Sorcerers]], Mortimer Greycastle spent his final years at [[Greycastle Redoubt]], in the [[Darkspear Chain]] of southwest [[Essington]].

  • Marlon Sunbranch

    Marlon Sunbranch is a wood elf who works at the [[Oaken Library]]. He acts as the PCs' point of contact there. He sent the PCs to find [[Jonas Fletcher]].

  • Lysandra Cooper

    Lysandra Cooper was a member of the [[Greycastle Sorcerers]]. After they disbanded, she moved to [[Mossacre Glen]], in the remote jungles of southwestern [[Humberstoke]].

  • Nathan

    Nathan, king of [[Leftwich]], commissioned the [[Whitesmiths]] to create the [[Amulet of Kings]] to help him in his struggle against Lord [[Waverly]] of [[Buckminster]]. His plan went horribly awry when the Whitesmiths doubled their price before they …

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