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  • Iron Guard

    The Iron Guard is a mercenary unit that [[Bartleby Sax]] uses as a domestic security force inside [[Lanverness]]. The Iron Guard investigates suspected disloyalty, using torture and other harsh techniques to extract confessions from suspects, whom they …

  • Olive Council

    The Olive Council is the [[Lanverness|Lanvernite]] monarch's cabinet. It is typically composed of up to twenty senior ministers and advisors, but the monarch has the power to structure the Council as he or she sees fit. [[Alfred]]'s Olive Council knew …

  • Greycastle Sorcerers

    The Greycastle Sorcerers were a foursome of powerful sorcerers who lived many years ago in central [[Dartmoor]]. After acquiring the [[Amulet of Kings]], they disbanded, scattering all over the [[realm]]. The members were: * [[Mortimer Greycastle]] …

  • Whitesmiths

    The Whitesmiths were a secretive group of magical craftsmen, who created the [[Amulet of Kings]] long ago for King [[Nathan]] of [[Leftwich]]. They delivered the amulet to him but did not tell him the command word.

  • Sambrian Elves

    The Sambrian Elves live in the southwestern part of [[South Sambria]]. They earned extensive rights of self-determination during the [[Sambrian Civil War]].

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