Character Creation

Choose your character name

People in the Realm, no matter what nation they come from, have a first name and a last name in the English style, such as Richard Smith. Cooler names like Mortimer Hammerfist or Magnus Hardcastle are great, but a name like Ragnar the Slayer will get you confused looks from everyone you meet. Which might be fine if you are a barbarian, or a hobgoblin.

Write up your background (the fluff)

When Bartleby Sax took over Lanverness 15 years ago, you fled, either of your own volition if you were old enough, or because your parents took or sent you out of the country. Which nation did you flee to? Just one, or did you move around? What city or cities did you live in? What did you and/or your family do there? Feel free to make up lore about the places you lived; I’ll incorporate it into the campaign backstory and this wiki. All the major cities are marked on the map, but of course there are hundreds of unmarked smaller towns; make up some if you want.

Stat out your character (the crunch)

  • D&D 3.5
  • Ability scores: Standard point count method (DMG p169)
  • 4th level
  • Take max HP for 1st level, average roll (round up) for subsequent levels
  • 5400 gp worth of equipment from DMG & PHB
  • PHB classes/races
  • Consult Rob for splatbook & supplemental materials

Character Creation

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