Elros is a 20-year-old human Crusader. When he was five, he and his parents fled Bartleby Sax’s regime in Lanverness. They crossed the border into Dartmoor, where his parents left him in the care of a rural foster family. He never saw his parents again, and never learned what happened to them. He does not know his full name, or why his parents left him.

Over the years, he received visits from his uncle Jason Wright. Wright had also fled Lanverness after Alfred’s death, and had become an agitator for Sax’s overthrow. Wright crisscrossed the Realm, raising awareness of Sax’s abuses and attempting to galvanize some sort of movement in the Lanvernite exiles. Wright filled Elros’s head with stories of the Great Age of Lanverness, and the evils of Bartleby Sax.

Wright has been deliberately circumspect with regard to Elros’s parents—he has not told Elros much at all about them. But he always told Elros to keep his family signet ring hidden, lest he be recognized by Sax’s agents.

Elros’s foster parents were kind but strict, and he grew to manhood accustomed to responsibility, hard work, and respect for authority. At age sixteen he joined the local militia and flourished in the military. By age twenty he was an officer, the leader of his militia unit. Now, having resigned his commission, he reenters Lanverness, determined to overthrow Sax and restore the rightful heir to throne.


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