Essington is the largest of the Twelve Nations but also one of the weakest. Its fractious politics and poor road network have led to a feudal system with a weak monarchy, which keeps internal tensions high and productivity low. The current king is the lord of Waterford, but at other times the capital has been located at Chedfield, Crosley, Horsham and Buckminster.

All five of Essington’s capitals are small coastal cities, supported by surrounding farmland and fisheries. Foreign trade has not flourished, due to the constantly shifting political winds, and most of Essington’s population are peasants, tied to their lords’ lands by the feudal system. The small urban middle classes tend to be craftsmen and artisans, not merchants.

Six different mountain ranges lie at least partially in Essington. The Towering Rampart completely separates Essington from Humberstoke in the west. The Sawtooth Range divides Essington from Shroptonshire and Lanverness to the north. The Elder Crags form much of the border with Warwickshire to the east. To the southeast, Spindletop Ridge borders Leftwich. Internally, the Darkspear Chain lies between Chedfield and Crosley, whilst the Crown Range occupies much of the land between Crosley and Horsham.

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