The nation of Humberstoke is mostly untamed wilderness; except for a small area around the capital Westnell, it has resisted all attempts at settlement. Land access to Humberstoke is effectively nonexistent; the Drakefire Pinnacles block the route to South Sambria, and the Towering Rampart seals off the country from Essington.

Humberstoke’s vast jungles and rainforests teem with all manner of fauna, beasts and primitive humanoids, even dinosaurs. The weather is warm and wet, with at least some rain every day, and inches of it on many.

Westnell survives on locally farmed food, exporting many exotic fruits and nuts. Its other main export is lumber, including rare woods such as darkwood. Westnell has little in the way of ore deposits, and thus metal objects must be imported or recycled from scrap. Almost every building in Humberstoke is made of wood; stone construction is exceedingly rare.

There is a small magical academy in Westnell; the mages were attracted by the many rare and magical plants growing in the jungles. Because these materials are not available anywhere else, Westnell has become an unlikely center for arcane research.

Lysandra Cooper once lived in Humberstoke.


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