Historically, Lanverness has been the most prosperous and cosmopolitan of the Twelve Nations. Its three great ports Ashport, Sandbury, and Burnmouth, and its mighty inland capital Greatminster stand athwart the most important trade routes in the Realm. Its many institutes of learning and its flexible, permissive culture have given Lanverness the edge in every recent technological and magicological revolution. Lanverness is blessed with rich forests and extensive ore and coal deposits; its lack of extensive precious metal reserves ignited the industrial drive that characterized Lanverness.

Lanverness is currently in recession due to Bartleby Sax’s policies. Many of its most talented citizens have fled to other nations, and the once-steady influx of energetic immigrants has slowed to a trickle.

Martial law has brought many totalitarian edicts. The unlicensed bearing of martial weapons in public is illegal, as is public spellcasting above the level of cantrips. Most of the competent spellcasters have been drafted into the army. The Iron Guard has the legal power to arrest anyone for any reason.



Smaller settlements: Banfield · Cotleigh · Crystal Falls · Daughterlode · Eagleridge · Fensedge · Highcliffe · Littleton · Mount Isa · Steepleton · Swindon

Terrain features: Black Peaks · Burlwood Swamp · Dragonspine · Keystone Range · Newkirk Forest · Queensend River · River Ash · River Ax · River Burn · River Oak · Royal Road · Sawtooth Range · Snowy Mountains · Spinewood Forest

Other points of interest: Troggs Mouth · Old Dwarven Mine


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