Oracle of Gneiss

The Oracle of Gneiss is located in the Elder Crags between Warwickshire and Essington. The oracle herself is a disembodied voice who resides in a white marble temple. A circle sits inscribed on the center of the floor, and any creature who stands there may commune with the Oracle and attempt to gain some information.

The oracle’s temple is guarded by small sentry cubes, 4-inch brown brushed metal constructs each with a circular glassy lens, which fly around the grounds.

The Oracle reads minds, and instantly knows everything known by anyone who steps into the circle, even things not fully understood by the person. This is how she knows so much. The Oracle picks both the question and the answer, based on the results of the mind-reading.

The oracle demands 20,000 gold for her services, but will occasionally accept services in lieu of payment.

James Rathbone gave the PCs detailed instructions on how to get there. They visited her and went to view the Wall of Beyond as payment. She gave them much information about the Greycastle Sorcerers and the Amulet of Kings.

Oracle of Gneiss

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