Portal Keys

The four portal keys are needed to unlock the Amulet of Kings. Each of the Greycastle Sorcerers had one. When not being handled, a key looks like a 5-inch diameter brass disc, as thick as a coin, featureless except for an interlocking “GS” logo.

On being handled, a key turns into a different item. Giving a portal key to a different person reshapes it into a different item. However, the uses per day do not reset.

The power granted by a portal key becomes known to the user as soon as he or she picks it up. Each portal key may be used up to 3 times per day.

  • Max Ironchest—brooch: as a swift action, add +12 to a melee damage roll
  • Elros—armband: as an immediate action, damage taken from a successful melee attack damages the attacker as well
  • Suelfred Wymar—circlet: as a full round action: cast 2 standard action (or less) spells, as long as one is arcane and one is divine
  • Arkon Salt—amulet: as a swift action, heal yourself and your animal companion 20 points, split however you like

Portal Keys

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