Warwickshire’s mediterranean climate produces large yields of olives, grapes, grains and almonds. Dry, sunny summers and mild rainy winters make for easy living, and the Warwickshire lifestyle is known throughout the Realm as one of pleasure and consumption, at least for the well-off.

Summerstone is the capital, a relaxed, sprawling, low-slung seaside city whose docks export wine and other luxury products in return for the hard goods that Warwickshire doesn’t care to make for itself.

Warwickshire has for many years cultivated its relationship with Greatworth Reach as a natural trading partner and military ally. Its western border with Essington is well protected by the Elder Crags, and Essington has usually ignored Warwickshire due to its focus on its own internal squabbles. Warwickshire has historically had good relations with Lanverness, with healthy overland and maritime trade. But the reign of Bartleby Sax has led to a few armed conflicts, and the border area remains tense.

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