The Lanvernite Succession

Greycastle's Workshop

You descended the stairs into one end of a long hexagonal room, with a high ceiling supported by pillars. The surfaces were dark grey, made of either metallic stone or stony metal, you couldn’t tell which. The walls were decorated with geometric patterns, and a set of double doors was set in the far wall.

You advanced toward the doors, ready for anything. As soon as Max touched the handle, seven panels opened in the walls behind you, releasing electrum, gold, and platinum golems, about 3 feet tall, shaped like beetles and armed with razor saws.

Some of the golems fired pressure darts, while others charged into close combat. The platinum golem fired a powerful bolt of lightning, skewering your group and killing Suelfred outright; he never had a chance.

The survivors quickly spread out to avoid a complete wipeout, concentrating attacks on the platinum golem. You managed to defeat them all, but Suelfred was dead.

You remembered the tiny phial of oil that James Rathbone had given you, to be used in case any of you died. You applied it to Suelfred’s body and waited. Amazingly, he stirred, hurt but alive. Rathbone’s final gift to you was Suelfred’s life.

You opened the double doors and entered Greycastle’s workshop. He was evidently a golemcrafter; his shop contained work tables, forges, tools, and stacks of half-completed golem parts. There was a door on the far side of the room. And sitting in a chair, slumped over a long-decayed dinner, was the corpse of Greycastle himself.

You left the body for now, and opened the door. It led to a sumptuous library, with shelves full of ancient books, comfortable couches and chairs, a fireplace, library tables with lamps, and a great wooden desk. You searched everything, and turned up three items of interest: a jewelry box containing five rings, a letter from Lysandra Cooper, and a five-inch metal disk with a “GS” logo engraved on it.

The rings were engraved with a command word, and turned out to be Soulbond Rings. The letter from Cooper was not written to Greycastle directly, but it mentioned the bypass combination to Cooper’s security system: Triangle, Square, Triangle. The metal disk was most interesting of all; when Arkon picked it up, it turned into an amulet. Could it be one of the portal keys?

Lastly you turned your attention to Greycastle’s corpse. Suelfred cast speak with dead, and the corpse began to talk, first verifying his identity, and that of the portal key you’d found. He also told you the name of the last of the Greycastle Sorcerers, Pforzan Forkbeard.

Satisfied with your success at Greycastle Redoubt, you loaded up your gear, your treasure and Greycastle’s body, and headed back to Crosley.



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