The Lanvernite Succession

Into Humberstoke

You spent a few days at Crosley, identifying, selling and buying treasure and gear. You next destination was Mossacre Glen, Lysandra Cooper’s base of operations in Humberstoke. The plan was to charter a one-way boat ride to the Humberstoke coast, followed by a five-day march through the jungle to Mossacre Glen, following directions given you by the Sage of Deancroft. You didn’t have a firm plan for getting out of the jungle.

Things went wrong immediately. The instructions from the Sage were hundreds of years old, and the wagon tracks that must have existed at that time were long since obliterated by the jungle. Riding your mounts was impossible, and after a day of hacking through the undergrowth, you had gotten only a quarter as far as you had hoped. You also were surprised not to have seen any large dinosaurs.

The next day, Arkon used druidic magic to help you pass much more easily through the rain forest. By the end of the day, you were still behind schedule, but not falling behind further. After five days of following rivers, you reached a great boulder, the last natural landmark on your route. Mossacre Glen was one day’s march due west.

About half a day’s walk from your destination, you were ambushed by a scouting party of the Spawn of Tiamat: greenspawn sneaks and leapers. You easily overmatched them, and once they realized your power, they fled into the jungle, presumably to warn others.

Less than an hour later, you discovered a small clearing in the forest, with a few canvas tents pitched inside. Cautiously, you entered the clearing, only to be charged by blackspawn raiders, who used their acid breath weapons before attacking you with falchions. A redspawn arcanis was throwing fire spells into the fray from the edge of the clearing. Soon, the surviving sneaks and leapers from the previous fight arrived.

The battle slowly turned in your favor, but Suelfred was critically injured. The redspawn, doomed by a creeping cold from Arkon, determined to kill Suelfred with a fireball instead of fleeing. But Max interrupted the fatal spell with an attack of opportunity, saving Suelfred and sealing the victory.

After the battle, you decided to put your horses in the Spawns’ tents, while you spent the night in a rope trick. Although this kept you safe, a greenspawn sneak soon discovered the carnage in the campsite and ran off, returning with a large squad of raiders, stormlizards and ambushers. They killed your horses for meat and struck the camp, taking the bodies of their fallen comrades with them when they left.

You woke the next day and started again toward the west. You soon found another Spawn campsite in a clearing, but you backed away and skirted it. After another hour’s march you finally found Mossacre Glen. It was four hundred yards across an overgrown field. The house was made of enormous stone blocks, and although it was covered in moss, it seemed to be in good shape.

You waited at the edge of the field while Suelfred’s raven flew up to take a look. The bird spotted figures moving in the undergrowth, so you decided to skirt the field and take up ambush positions. Your plan worked, and you got the drop on a group of three bluespawn stormlizards and three blackspawn raiders, and defeated them easily due to superior tactics.

The way clear, you prepared to confront whatever was lurking inside the house.



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